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Harry Belafonte Was Right About Jay-Z


jay-z is a captialist so I’m not surprised by what he did with that Barney’s deal

Kanye West has the right idea without the intellectual capabilities to communicate his ideas in a simplified message to an audience who largely do not understand his point of view. His inability to communicate his message effectively leads to him becoming frustrated and coming across misunderstood. My next statements are formed on the basis of the interview he did recently with Power 105.1 Breakfast Club. Charlemagne argued the point that; why should it matter whether Nike are allowing him to produce the next pair of Air Yeezy’s, is that not just materialism surely freedom they argued is having the love of your family and loved ones etc. Kanye argued that he wants to be part of the social elite to ensure that his daughter is looked after way after his death. 

Expanding on Kanye, I agree with his statement it is important for us as black people to gain access to key industries that affect black people. Black people or rather black culture continues to influence mainstream society and yet black people do not own fashion houses (the actual manufacturer’s of garments) we equate becoming designers as success, black people do not own music distribution companies we are simply musicians. In simple terms we have our face on the product but do not own or create the product where the real wealth is created, the kind of wealth that creates generations of wealth.

Jay-Z projects an attitude of self preservation, a need to align himself with white powers that be in order to preserve himself. He does not want to stir up any bad blood around him so he overlooks the frustrations of his community for self gain. My point being people like Jay-Z, like Kanye are not only the problem, the whole culture as a whole is the problem. We want to carry on knocking on the door instead of saying “FUCK YA’LL” and creating our own doors, creating our own fashion houses, our own music distribution companies, our own record labels and investing that money back into our communities. Instead like Jay-Z we want that wealth to ourselves and then align ourselves with people who do not care about our people or the culture they continually rape everyday for their own gain. Capitalism within itself breeds narcissistic selfish tendencies but capitalism is what we live in, it is here, it is real and until we begin to educate ourselves on how capitalism works and how it can work to our own advantage we will be forever crying and complaining. We cried to be let on the forefront we now are, we are on television, radio, music, fashion etc but we are just the faces the real POWER belongs to those controlling these mediums. 

We need unity, we need educating, we need an understanding of power by first understanding that just because Jay-Z is on TV does not mean he has power, we need to understand how to gain power, how to get it, how to keep it.

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"There’s room at the top they are telling you still, but first you must learn how to smile as you kill, if you want to be like the folks on the hill” - John Lennon (Working Class Hero)


This album is the truth.

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